Hellenic Renaissance

The Hellenic Renaissance has officially began.

The first indication a renaissance is about to commence is the inspired support of the wealthy class. They are inspired to contribute instead of hiding away their riches in Silver, or Gold

Andrew Liveris Chairman and CEO of DOW speaks.  The Hellenic Initiative

The second indication a renaissance is about to commence is a heightened interest in the Ancient Hellenic roots of our knowledge and culture. http://hellenic-certified.com

Today Greece is under tremendous social, economic, cultural, and political stress. The pseudo-reality we were living in has suddenly disappeared to reveal a deep chasm between what we thought we were and what we are. The gap between what we were 2,500 years ago and where we are now has become even more obvious. We have been ridiculed and booed off the world stage. The slave like mentality of our leadership and our servitude to foreign powers has splintered our society into extremes. Between these extremes I hear another more powerful force being awakened. I believe the Hellenic Renaissance will emerge as the dominant force to inspire and guide our country and by extension Humanity into a resurrection of the great ideas needed to resuscitate not only our little country but our slowly dying planet.

The third indication a renaissance is about to commence is the enthusiastic response from the Greek Diaspora to help by contributing their knowledge, experience and their willingness to finance small businesses to better market themselves globally.

This is only the beginning…

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